Enrichment Experiences

Article 1

The 1st Enrichment

Work; career; vocation; volunteering; using skills; hidden potential; consolidation of ideas; planning; hibernation; the seed waiting in the ground; north; water.
Article 1

The 2nd Enrichment

Personal relationships; love; romance; sex; compromise; companionship; the joy of sharing; being contently single; finding a soulmate; south west; earth.
Article 2

The 3rd Enrichment

Life-long learning; curiosity; engaging new ideas; personal growth; respect for parents, ancestors, elders, teachers, leaders; germination; initiation; east; wood.
Article 2

The 4th Enrichment

Fortunate blessings; money; prosperity; wealth; planning and budgeting; knowing what's enough for your needs; generosity; altruism; south east; wood.
Article 2

The 5th Enrichment

Physical health; mental and emotional well-being; harmony; finding a balance; equanimity; patience; honesty; responsibility; the tai chi; the centre; earth.
Article 2

The 6th Enrichment

Friendship; guides and helpful people; giving help to others; environmental care; leisure and social; travel and adventure; appreciation; north west; metal.
Article 2

The 7th Enrichment

Creativity - bringing projects to fruition; nullifying procrastination; harvesting; celebration; relaxation; luck of children; family time; fun; surprises; west; metal.
Article 2

The 8th Enrichment

Sanctuary; spiritual inquiry; humanity; belief; faith; reflection; meditation; solitude; mortality; morality; integrity; thanksgiving; north east; earth.
Article 3

The 9th Enrichment

Self-esteem; action; motivation; confidence; empowerment; fame; expression; inspiration; recognition; significance; experiencing life fully; south; fire.

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